1. トップ
  2. 学校紹介
  3. 施設紹介


コミュニティ棟  Community Building


This is the first building that visitors see and is a place children, teachers, parents and local people gather and socialize. In addition to children's chatting, there are rooms for afterschool learning programs, afterschool nursery, a café and community association meetings. The community building fosters a strong sense of community through various forms of communication in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

生徒玄関  Student Entrance

生徒玄関にあえて茶室を設け、登下校時、教室移動の時、子どもたちが自由に集まり滞在できる場所を作ります。子どもたちにとって豊かな活動の拠点となる場所であり、学校にとってのシンボルとなる建物です。九州文化学園が大切にされているこの茶室を中心に、 学園がより盛り上がり、学校が、そして地域がよみがえります。

Next to the tea room, the student entrance is an elegant a fusion of both the traditional and modern and a warm and inviting gathering point for comings and goings. The student entrance serves as a base for abundant activities for students and as an important symbol for our school.

ダイニングルーム  Dining Room


The beautiful and striking open dining room has large windows that open to a beautiful view of the school field and city landscape. Here students of different grades and staff gather once a day enjoy lunch together. The dining room features a hardwood counter like a restaurant and gives students the opportunity to serve food like a cook. The comfortable, warm, inviting dining room creates a comfortable space to enjoy delicious food and good company.

理科室  Science Room


Hexagonal desks, similar to the hexagonal atomic structure of a benzene ring, is the perfect shape for students to talk, observe and explore together. Not only is the science room a place for science lessons, but a room used on a daily basis when students come water and tend to plants.

職員室  Staff Room


To create a stress-free environment for students, parents and guests, the open concept staff room has no wall separating it from the corridor. In addition, as a staff room for both elementary and junior high teachers, the design facilitates both small group and whole-staff communication. A state-of-the-art broadcasting space located in the back emulates a radio station booth.


普通教室(小学生) Classroom (elementary school)


To make classrooms more spacious, the wall that usually separates the classroom and the corridor has been removed. Large sliding wooden doors separate the classrooms. Student desks and chairs are all of original design and made of solid wood rather than the traditional steel pipe and resin board. Solid wood is not only comfortable for students, but also unifies the materials and colors with other furniture, such as lockers and teacher desks, all helping make the classroom a comfortable space for learning. To add, house-shaped frames can also be used in various ways, such as a child hang out, a secret base, or a place to sit and read a book on a bench.

掲示スペース  Display Space


The display space, located in the passage between buildings, features shelves for awards, certificates, trophies, bulletin board announcements, photos, student’s wor and more. Benches are installed to provide another inviting place where students can spend a little time outside the classroom.

クライミングウォール  Climbing Wall


The climbing wall makes excellent use of the extra space under the stairwell. A large thick mat offers both safety and a place to play. Also, the sloped wall ladder attached to the back of the stairwell is very challenging, all making the climbing wall a popular playground for students.

家庭科室  Home Economics Classroom


As its name suggests, home economics classroom is designed in homage to the home. The house-shaped frames that cover the work spaces are useful for hanging some of the many tools and materials used in home economics lessons. Storage shelves at the back of the room feature windows in the shape of a house, all nurturing an exciting space for students.

アクティブラーニング教室  Active Learning Classroom


The active learning classroom features unique interlocking Yin and Yang inspired tables. When together, these round tables allow many children to sit at the same time, relax, and learn cooperatively. During presentations, a stepped bench along the back wall provides ample seating.

音楽室  Music Room


The impressive design and shape of the music room invokes the image of a grand music hall. The ceiling design of various heights emulates a musical scale and the overall design maintains great acoustics and existing sound absorption performance.

図書館  Library


For schools with a focus on ICT education, the library may be the only place where students can touch the world of books. Special effort has been made to make the library an inviting space where students can fully immerse themselves. Near the entrance, English books are on easy display and a variety of benches promote enjoyable reading. A circular reading space in the foreground for elementary school students provides a hidden reading spot or place to relax only accessed by hidden tunnel. 

美術室  Art Room


An impressive open room with unconventionally-shaped hardwood desks and chairs can be used in completely unique ways by changing the layout. From small group work to whole-class projects, the art room can be used flexibly according a wide range of creative activities.